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About Click4Hair

Click4Hair is a family-run business that has delivered great hair systems and hair pieces to more than a 1,000 loyal customers over the past 30 years. We take tremendous pride in delivering quality hair replacement systems, and providing our clients with friendly and dependable customer service. We believe that when you make a customer happy, treat them with respect and earn their trust, they become a customer for life. In fact, 98.5% of our valued clients have returned to us within 9 months to re-order a new system.

What’s the secret to our success?

  • We’re knowledgeable

With close to 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, we have extensive knowledge in what makes a great toupee—and we use that knowledge to help you order your new hair so it looks natural and can last longer than what you may be used to.


  • We listen and learn

Sure, we can make lots of helpful recommendations to ensure your new hair system is the best it can be, but that’s not where we start. Instead, we begin by really listening to what you do or don’t like about your current system, then we implement your ideas into our production. When it comes to the best solution for hair loss we know that all the little details are what can make a big difference in your new hair system.


  • We have quality control over production

All of our men's hair replacement systems are made in our own production line, so we have ultimate control over the manufacturing process. Our technicians are trained to pay special attention to the details you’ve communicated—and they will put in whatever extra effort is necessary to make sure you’re fully satisfied with each and every hair system you order from us.

If you have questions, we would be happy to answer them. Please feel free to call us at 1-866-894-4147 or email us at Thank you!

Start the design process now to look your best at any upcoming event or simply have a great system standing by.

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