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Hair Piece Advice and Tips

  • Repairing a Hair System vs Buying A New One

    If you are a hair system or toupee wearer, one of the questions eventually will come to mind is if it’s worthwhile to repair it or just get a new hairpiece. Just like your own natural hair, hair pieces need to be maintained to look their best. The older the hair piece, the more maintenance is needed to keep it looking natural.

    Aurora System Integrators Head Shot by chris_hau, on Flickr
    Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  chris_hau

    How long your hair system should last will be determined by how you wear your hair. A casual wearer of a couple of days a week will definitely have a longer lasting hair system compared to a daily wearer.

    Taking your hair system off every night compared to full head bonding for a month at a time also extends the life of your hair.

    You can always expect hair loss on older hair pieces. It is always a good idea to send in your hair system early for minor repairs such as adding small amount of hair or repairing the base. We can bring your hair back to look natural and you will have a spare unit to wear around the house. A hair system that is well maintained will definitely look better and last

    The answer to whether to repair or not to repair boils down is to how much time you can extend your hair system’s life. Too much hair loss, or a rip in the base can sometimes mean that a new system is the logical choice. Before having your unit repaired, take a look at the base
    to see if the material is still good. If you see signs that the base material has deteriorated, it probably will not be able to hold additional new hair.

    If you are unsure if it’s worth it to repair or replace your hairpiece, you can always send your hair to Click4hair and we would be happy to evaluate and contact you with the best choice for you. Our goal is always to supply you with the best hair system solution.

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