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Welcome to my first Click4Hair post

Hi Guys,

My name is Sam, and I am going to be posting here at the Click4Hair blog. Why me? Well, first, I'm a push-over for flattery. But, more than that, I am both a writer and a hairpiece wearer. So I understand the complex emotions that come with hair loss, as well as the thrill of artfully disguising it. And after many years of roving through the confusing land of cash-money hair, I think I'm finally in the right spot.

Photoshoot - Tom & Lucy by Nathan O
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Nathan O'Nions

Some background: Before I met William, I went the route that many of you have. Retail salons, usually run by nice ladies who have gorgeous hair of their own. Damn it! As well as the power of 100%, or more, mark-up in their DNA. Now, I'm not knocking good old capitalism. But there is a huge difference in hairpiece prices between $1,200 and $350, especially when either of those price tags can be attached to the very same hairpiece.So, now that we are all here, what shall we talk about?

Well, I think maybe I should let you guys have a say in that. You can email me at and suggest a topic. I will choose a subject based on what's trending in your emails. And since we are all sweating through the last couple of months of summer, my suggestion is we dive into to the choices of hair system attachment. If that sounds good to you, let me know.

Until next time...Love your life and your hair!


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