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Hairpieces for men - before and after

Before and After Hairpieces for Men

Cheaper Hairpieces for men


Are you looking for a Cheaper, Easier, and BETTER solution to order your custom hair replacement system online?


We Use Your Current Hair Replacement System to Make an ACCURATE COPY - No Template Required

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 Hairpieces for Men Online Satisfaction Guaranteed


Limited Time Offer - Free Hairpice Cut and Style


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Order custom hairpieces for men online now!


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No Contracts.


No Membership Fees.


No Monthly Fees.


No Creating a Template (or technical knowledge) on your part.


We Make it EASY and ACCURATE to order your custom hairpiece online.


Get a Better and More Natural-Looking Hair Replacement System by ORDERING DIRECT

It’s just like going to your hair stylist – BUT BETTER! We work DIRECTLY with the production team to get the cut, style and density of your hairpiece EXACTLY the way you want. Get a customized hairpiece that blends in with your natural hairline, creating an invisible hairpiece system.


Cut, Styled and Delivered to your door ready-to-wear out of the box.


Experience you can trust: Family-owned and operated for 33 years!


 Hairpieces for Men Online Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Money-Back Satisfaction GUARANTEED

No Hassle, No questions asked. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll fix it or refund your money.

  • lace-front hairpiece for men. Our hair replacement systems are natural-looking and blends into your natural hairline,
creating an invisible hair system.

    Art F.

    Exactly as promised. I must admit as a long time user of men's hair products I was very apprehensive in ordering over the Internet. I could not believe the price, which drove me to take a chance. I needed help placing the order, so I called on the phone. Click4Hair's staff was very insightful and offered expert advice, all of which made ordering very easy. I am so glad I did, as I could not be more pleased. Thanks for making this process so easy. I will be back for more.

  • lace-front hairpiece. We make hairpieces for men that look natural and blend in with your natural hairline.

    RAY J., Largo, FL

    My correspondences with you have been as though I was in your presence, even though we were about 2000 miles apart. It's due to your professionalism and experience that my order, when received was exact. The color, size and styled cut, as I requested, could not have been better. Of course all this is due to the trust and confidence I've had in your company. Thank you for your aim to please someone, as myself, on an important thing in a man's life. His Hair!

  • Best Natural looking hairpieces for men

    Dave H.

    I really don't think anyone realizes I wear a hair piece. It honestly looks that natural. What a pleasure! It's hard to believe it has been almost five years since I got my first unit from you…Finally, after wearing hair pieces for over thirty years, I have found a company that offers the quality I have always been searching for and at a price that can't be beat. It is a pleasure doing business with you and want you to know you have a customer for life.

We make a template using your old hair system to get the exact size, shape, hair density, color, and hairstyle customized FOR YOU –

If your hairpiece needs adjustments before we make you a new hair system – just let us know and we’ll happily deliver better results than your hairstylist.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order custom hairpieces for men online now!

Do You:

  • Love your current hairpiece and want to have it copied?

  • Want to save money on your men’s hairpiece but hesitant to order a hairpiece online for the first time?
    Don’t worry, that’s exactly the reason we ask that you send in your old hairpiece – so we can create a template from your old hairpiece, copying the shape, size, density, hair length, and hairstyle for styling.

  • Need some adjustments to your hair replacement system?

  • Want personalized service and to talk to an experienced hair designer directly?

  • Need to find a new hairstylist (or hair system solution) because you just moved to a new city?

Are You:

  • Tired of paying $800+ per men’s hairpiece unit?

  • Unhappy with your current hairpiece or the service from your stylist?

  • Tired of being locked into expensive contracts and monthly fees to order hairpieces for men?

  • Ready to find a cheaper, more affordable solution to order your hairpiece for men online?

We Can Help!

Buy  your completely ready-to-wear, cut, styled, and customized hair system online for $350

  • Undetectable men's lace front hairpiece

    This is Brian, a hair model and client, BEFORE using his hair replacement system.

  • Invisible hairline hairpieces for men

    This is Brian AFTER getting his hair replacement system from We custom-made his toupee and cut and styled his hairpiece.

  • James F.

    I was a little apprehensive purchasing a Hair System over the internet. There are so many variables, such as color matching, base size, density, and especially the daunting task of having it cut to fit. Many details can go awry…Your follow up and attention to detail including the cut, resulted in a system that doesn't look like a system. Thanks again

  • Bob K.

    I wanted a relationship with a company who would get to know me, create and supply a customized product without the need for me to go to their office. I wanted both customization and fast turn-around. I wanted advice, and I wanted a fair price…My first experience with Click4Hair was good because they quickly understood my needs and were willing to provide fast turnaround at a reasonable price.

  • Evan T.

    William, ..thank you so much for all your help! After looking at at least a dozen different hair restoration sites I chose yours because of two things: the look of the front hairline in your photos (you have to see my brother's to believe how evident it is, lol), and the fact that you go into depth on EVERYTHING from how to attach the piece to how to keep it fully maintained and everything in between. NO other site that I visited came close to yours for explaining everything so that the customer could understand everything he/she needed to do.

Order custom hairpieces for men online now!

 Hairpieces for Men Online Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click4hair get men's hair replacement systems online

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Hi, I’m William, the owner of If you already use a hair replacement system and are looking for a better (and cheaper) solution to ordering your hair system online, you’ve come to the right place! We make buying hairpieces for men online easy.

You may have hesitations if you’ve never worked with our company (or ordered hairpieces for men online). Let me explain the process to re-assure you that when you order your custom men’s hair replacement system from us, you’re getting the same (or better) hairpiece as you get from your stylist (for a fraction of the cost).

Why We Ask You to Send Your Current Hairpiece to Us (so we can copy your hair system)

When you order your hairpiece online from, we ask that you send in your current hairpiece so we can make a template from your old unit (you don’t have to create a template for us – our professional designers will do that). From your old hair system, we can create a template with your custom measurements using the shape and size of the hairpiece – making the online ordering process easy and accurate. We’re also able to assess the hair density, color, length, and hairstyle to assure that your new hairpiece is an exact copy of your current hair system.

An Experienced and Knowledgeable Designer will Call You

Our designer personally calls you to discuss any changes you need made to your hair system and to answer any questions you have. So don’t hesitate, order your hair replacement system online from us for guaranteed and accurate results (take a look at our real testimonials from past customers)!

Money-Back Guarantee

When you order your men’s hairpiece online with, you get a custom hairpiece delivered to your front door - cut, styled, and ready-to-wear. 

Plus, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If any adjustments need to be made, we’ll take care of that. And if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly, toll-free at: 1-866-894-4247 or email me at:



P.S. For a limited time, get your custom hairpiece cut and styled for FREE (a $35 value – we normally charge $35 to cut and style toupees at the customer’s request). Get this limited time offer Now!

Start your hair replacement system order NOW!

Just fill out the information below and one of our experienced designers will call you to answer any questions you may have!

Buy Your Hairsystem Online NOW

If you have questions, we would be happy to answer them. Please feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-894-4147 or email us at Thank you!

Copy Your System - starting at $350

  • Please ship the unit back to me as soon as possible
    You can ship the unit back with my new system
    Ship the unit back to me but no need to rush
  • Yes, the wave is just right
    I'd like to have a little more wave
    I'd like my hair to be straighter
    I'd like to discuss my hair with your Designer
  • Yes, I would like the hair density to remain the same
    Actually, I would like to have a little less hair for a more natural look
    I would like to have more density
    I'd to discuss my hair density with your Designer
  • Yes, please give me the same hair length
    Actually, I'd like my hair to be a bit longer
    I think a shorter length would look better on me
    Not sure. I'd like to discuss the length of my hair with your Designer
  • Yes, please cut and style my New Hair when it is ready
    I have a stylist who can cut and style my New Hair
    I'll let you know when you call me
  • The color is perfect so please keep it the same
    The color has faded so I am sending you new hair color samples
    Cut a small sample from the temples.
    Cut a small sample from the back
  • I do not have any gray hair
    The current percentage of gray is fine. Please keep it the same.
    I would like to change the gray percentage, and I will discuss this with your Designer
  • Yes, the base fits me perfectly
    I can send you a template for my base size
    No, I would like to adjust the base size and I will discuss this with your Designer

    Examples of different base designs

    Base 1
    Base 2
    Base 3
    Base 4
    Base 5
    Base 6
    Base 7


Please let us know anything else that might help us to make the perfect copy for you:

Start the design process now to look your best at any upcoming event or simply have a great system standing by.

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