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Get a Pre-made Hair System Please answer the questions below to help us better understand how you like to wear your hair. Once we receive your responses, one of our Designers will call you to discuss your preferences and to recommend the best system for you. We carry 6 different models with 42 distinct hair colors in our inventory, so rest assured we will find the system that is just right for you!
A Few Questions Before You Talk With A Designer

Get a Pre-made Hair System - starting at $250

  • My hair is straight
    My hair has a slight wave
    I have wavy hair
    I have curly hair
    I'd like to discuss my hair with a Designer
  • I comb my hair back
    I comb my hair forward
    I comb my hair to the left
    I comb my hair to the right
    And I wear my hair with a part
  • Yes, I want a natural undetectable hairline
    No, I prefer to use a more durable base material
    I want to have both, a natural hairline and a durable base
  • I wear my hair short
    I wear my hair about 4 to 5 inches
    I'll let you know my hair length when I speak with you Designer.
  • I like my hair to look natural for my age, so I prefer my hair on the lighter side
    I look best with a full head of hair
    I'd like to discuss my hair density with a Designer
  • I prefer natural human hair
    I prefer synthetic hair
  • Please send us a hair sample of your natural hair so we can make a perfect match.
  • We will get the measurements when we speak with you.
    I can mail you a template
    Measure width from temple to temple.
    Measure length from front to back.
  • Yes, please cut and style my New Hair when it is ready
    I have a stylist who can cut and style my New Unit
    I'll let you know when you call me


Please let us know anything else that might help us to deliver the perfect pre-made system for you:

Start the design process now to look your best at any upcoming event or simply have a great system standing by.

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