Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been manufacturing hair systems for over 35 years, since 1980. I work in Los Angeles and thus, I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with numerous movie studios creating custom hair systems for actors for both TV shows and movies. So I know exactly how to create the most realistic hair units that are completely undetectable and look very natural.

I also have multiple manufacturing companies both internationally and domestically. This allows me to produce the highest quality hair units, at wholesale prices. We can also customize and fine-tune your units locally in our Los Angeles warehouse for faster delivery.

Because I’ve been in this industry since 1980, I’ve literally seen and heard everything. A lot of my time is spent interacting with unhappy men, FIXING other companies poor hair systems. So my goal is to spend a few minutes (phone, chat or email) and see exactly what you need, how we can improve your current system and do it all at a BETTER value. Something that I would want for myself, I’d like to offer to you.

First, there are only a very small group of companies that actually manufacturer hair systems. Most of what you see online or at your local hairdresser, is outsourced to one of MY companies. I’ve been doing this for over 35 years and working with the movie industry as well. Because of this, we can literally create or duplicate anything you want. And since we ARE the manufacturer, the savings get passed to you as well.

The hair on your hair system should have a healthy look, with sheen and manageability. We use REAL human hair, but are very selective. We are able to produce quality human hair by processing the fine and thick separately to avoid any damage. With stronger and healthy hair, your hair system will look great and last much longer.

Not only are we able to match your hair color, we are able to match your hair texture as well. This is very important because it allows the “system” hair, to naturally blend in with your “native” hair, for a very natural and undetectable look AND feel. Please keep in mind that a growing head of hair, seen under natural light, is actually made up of different shade of colors. And in all likelihood, it will be a little lighter on top.

All you need to do is sends us a sample of your natural hair and we can match it perfectly for you. And if you like, we can add some subtle highlights or grey hair for you. If you send in your old unit, we can match the hair color exactly or if the hair color has faded over time, we’ll match your natural hair sample.

The goal is to have the right density for YOU, based on your age, as well as the density based on the sides and back of your natural hair. For example, if you genetically have “low” density on the sides and back, you do NOT want very high density in the unit or it’ll immediately look fake. Likewise, you don’t want the density of a young, 25 year old man, if you are 50 years old because that too will look UNNATURAL and “fake”.

Truth is, in most cases, a hair system with less hair generally looks more natural. So you can send us pictures of yourself or we can match or improve the density of your new unit, based on your current one.

You can send us your old unit and we can then cut and style it the same and basically duplicate it. Or, if you want a NEW style, you can email us pictures of what you’d like and we can cut and style something similar.

This is all done before your unit is shipped to you, by a professional stylist at NO EXTRA COST. Other companies will charge $50-$80 or more for this service, but we do it for free for our private clients. Most of our clients can wear our already styled units without needing a stylist to give it any finishing touches. This saves you time and money.

I believe that everything should be customized for YOUR hair style, texture, look and feel. This is how we are able to produce the most natural hair systems in the industry. First I would like to have a short conversation with you (phone, chat or email) and better understand what you really want and need.

Maybe you simply want to duplicate your current system and get one that’s of better quality and value. Or maybe you’d like to get a new system and make improvements and changes to your current one. Once we both have clarity for your needs, we’ll take care of the rest.

If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your new hair system, we will improve it so it’s exactly what you want or I’ll personally give you a full refund. Our goal is to make sure you’ll be very happy and confident with your new hair system.

That’s why I’m personally wanting to connect with you, to see what you want or need and how I can best assist you in achieving this “perfect set of head hair”, customized specifically for you. I’m putting in the extra effort because I’m here to build a long-lasting relationship with you.