Our Price

Click4Hair is a unique toupee/men’s hairpiece online business; our prices are budget friendly and we are committed to giving you a satisfactory experience.

You can get a custom hair system, natural looking hair and a vibrant/youthful look for only $450. For an extra $35, we can pre-cut and style your new unit and have it ready to wear.

At Click4Hair, we know that the right hair can improve your level of confidence. Your comfort and interests will be well-served when we create a hair system for you. We take care of all the concerns that you may have such as the base contour fitting perfectly on your head, the color; density and texture matching your own hair and so much more!

We guarantee your total satisfaction from start to finish. Whether you need help to determine what is best for you, have a special request, or just a boost of the conference, we are here to make everything work smoothly and flawlessly.

Our process works quite well no matter what you desire. We are excited to have you come on board and become part of our ever-growing community of satisfied customers. We are open to serve you; do share with us what you will like us to make happen for you!