Removing Your Hair System

When you remove your hair system, you should also be preparing it for its next use. Here’s the method we recommend:

1. If you don’t use a lace-front system, you can skip this step. If you do use a lace-front hair system, it’s easy to damage the system’s base or hair when you remove it, so spray some remover through the hair to loosen the adhesive before taking the system off.

If you’re only taking the system off to change tape, use an alcohol-based remover such as Walker’s Lace Release. If you plan to clean or shampoo the system before wearing it again, it would be best to use a citrus-based removal product.

2. Remember, no matter what kind of system you use, it’s always best to remove the system from back to front to avoid stretching the front of the system.

3. Once you’ve removed the system, gently peel the tape away from the base. With the tape removed, use an alcohol-free citrus solvent to remove any adhesive residue. (We recommend Davlyn’s Lan-o-sol remover or Walker’s C-22 Solvent.)

4. Use a lint-free wipe or tissue paper to remove any adhesive residue.

5. If residue remains, give the system a thorough cleaning with an alcohol-based cleaner. Then your system is ready to be shampooed—or to be worn again!