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Subject: Art purchased his first hair system from Click4Hair back in March. Though hesitant at first to purchase over the internet, Art was suprised not only with the quality of thie piece we made for him, but with the ease of our process and of course, our price!
"Exactly as promised. I must admit as a long time user of men's hair products I was very apprehensive in ordering over the Internet. I could not believe the price, which drove me to take a chance. I needed help placing the order, so I called on the phone. Click4Hair's staff was very insightful and offered expert advise, all of which made ordering very easy. I am so glad I did, as I could not be more pleased. Thanks for making this process so easy. I will be back for more."


Subject: Great cut!
"Hey Click4hair! Just wanted to send a message and a picture to let you know how happy I am with my cut and style of my hair. It looks fantastic, as you can see by the picture when I was vacationing in Florida. Thanks again for your great work and I'll let you know when I need a new one! "


"The hair feels great! The fit and finish is more than I could of hoped for. Thanks so much! You've given me confidence to walk around with my head held high. "


Subject: Thanks for the update, as with anything purchased unseen I hope the unit is all I expect it will be. I like it much thicker and longer than most, but that is me. Be well!
"Update: To William and the staff at Click4Hair. I could not be more pleased with the unit I recently purchased. It is exactly what I wanted. Working with William was a pleasure. He was extremely professional, and thorough. I would recommend Click4Hair to anyone interested in purchasing a unit. Their prices, quality, and delivery time are second to none. I will be purchasing additional units in the future. You guys rock! Neil D."


Subject: The New Unit
"I wanted to touch base with you to let you know how my latest unit has been doing. I have been wearing it four months now and it looks as good as the day I received it. I am glad I took your advise and got this one a little thinner and added ten percent more grey. I really don't think anyone realizes I wear a hair piece. It honestly looks that natural. What a pleasure! It's hard to believe it has been almost five years since I got my first unit from you. Each one has been better than the previous one and the first one was great! Finally, after wearing hair pieces for over thirty years, I have found a company that offers the quality I have always been searching for and at a price that can't be beat. It is a pleasure doing business with you and want you to know you have a customer for life."


Subject: Very Pleased
"I feel I must let you know how pleased I am again, with the latest order of the hair piece made for my own personal apperance. My correspondences with you have been as though I was in your presence, even though we were about 2000 miles apart. It's due to your professionalism and experience that my order, when received was exact. The color, size and styled cut, as I requested, could not have been better. Of course all this is due to the trust and confidence I've had in your company. Thank you for your aim to please someone, as myself, on an important thing in a man's life. His Hair!"


Subject: Chris purchased two hair systems recently, one after the other
"The new system is great. Enclosed is the first one, for adding hair. Thanks again"


Subject: Real pleased with the hairpiece and style you give me
"Hi William, Charmaine and I are in high spirits and just want to say "Thanks" and real pleased with the hairpiece and style you give me."


Subject: I commend your skills for style and cutting without me being there.
"William , I am very pleased with what you have achieved for me and I wanted to thank you . This order has been the best in my life and I commend your skills for style and cutting without me being there . I am sending my picture for you."


Subject: Thanks so much for your care
"I have a unit that I can send for you to make a duplicate and make minor changes. What is the best way to mail it to you (i.e., UPS, regular mail). I was a client of Hair Direct, but was very disappointed with their service and work. Im hoping that I can have a long relationship with your company. Thank you. William, thanks so much for your care in getting this to me. It is wonderful - you did a great job, I really like the short side wings. Thanks again, it is a pleasure working with you."


Subject: I just want to say thank you!
"Hello Mr. William I just want to say thank you! For understanding my situation and doing everything you can so I can get my new system here. It was here on time to my hairdresser appointment and everything went well. Soon I will make an order for my sister, she really like my new hair. Best Regards."


Subject: This may sound a little too good to be true, but this is an un-altered, actual feedback we received
"OH MY OH MY OH MY! It is absolutely FANTASTIC!! Thank you William, Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! I have it on now and I look 30 years younger! I don't have to cut or trim it at all. It blends great with my hair. In a day or two I'll have my picture taken and will send you a copy. The lace front is really great, you can actually see your scalp. Again, Thank you very much."


Subject: Repaired Unit
"Hello, I just wanted to write and let you know I received the repaired unit yesterday. Excellent job! I really appreciate that you got this to me before my Hawaii trip next week. I will be sending you my second "old" unit for repair this week, no hurry on this one. Thanks again for the great work."


Subject: See what Roy had to say after receiving his first unit from Click4Hair
"William, Please order me another unit just like the last one. I am very impressed with the job you did on my last unit. My address has changed please make a note below. Please let me know what is needed for your down payment. When we cut it in I would like it left about 1/2" longer in the back if you could. Thanks My Friend"


Subject: Glad to Help
"Before working with Click4Hair, My experience with retail locations was generally very poor. They had their own ideas of what I wanted, they were expensive and slow. They all tried to “ take control” rather than provide services. I wanted control. I wanted a relationship with a company who would get to know me, create and supply a customized product without the need for me to go to their office. I wanted both customization and fast turn-around. I wanted advice, and I wanted a fair price. I also felt that the process of “cutting IN” did not need to be unique with each unit. If someone did it once, they should be able to do it again the same way, and there was no reason why I needed to be sitting in the chair while this was being done. My first experience with Click4Hair was good because they quickly understood my needs and were willing to provide fast turn around at a reasonable price. The first unit was not perfect, but it was close. They made the necessary adjustments for the unit. Overall I would rate Click4Hair as the best, out of 7 or 8 different sources that I have used in the last 12 years. Not perfect, but still the best. It’s very difficult to be perfect, but Click4Hair meets my expectations as a company who is trying to build a long term customer base providing very good quality, great service at a fair price."


Subject: 16 years of service!
"I received my unit today, it looks great, just a bit too long and curly, i will tell you what happen after i have it cut, i know it's going to look great, thanks. From: Click4hair To: Jay Hi Jay, I am glad to know you've received your new unit. I made your new unit a little more wavy because you mentioned to me that you like to wear your hair very short. When you cut away the hair length, it will also reduce the wave. From: Jay To: Click4Hair You are right, the wave will be gone once i have it cut and i know this is going to look great, thanks again, and talk to you soon"


Subject: My first hair system
"It looks good! I was not sure exactly what style to get on the first one. Next time can you make a break--part on the left side? Also, can you make it a bit less dense and/or the wave a little loose? Thanks."


Subject: Blue Tape
"Hello, Nice to meet you on the telephone. It looks as though you have a impressive setup. I bet the girl I get my Lace Fronts from gets it from you. But "I won't go there" wouldnt be fair to her if I knew LOL. I placed the order.Let me now if you can send it USPS cheaper. Thank you for offering"


"William, thank you for doing such a professional job on my new system. I am a first time client, and intend to remain one for a long time to come. I was a little apprehensive purchasing a Hair System over the internet. There are so many variables, such as color matching, base size, density, and especially the daunting task of having it cut to fit. Many details can go awry. I have been wearing systems for over 30 years,all purchased locally, and each time something wasn't right, and that was when I was fitted in person. Your follow up and attention to detail including the cut, resulted in a system that doesn't look like a system. Thanks again"


"Hi William, I received the products I ordered in good condition. thanking you for the same. I spoke to you about having a parting on the left of the new unit I ordered,please make sure that the hair is styled to comb back. The current unit is good and I am very happy with it."


"Hello Miss Denise, How are you, got my hair, its beautiful, my wife did a terrific job, I have it on now.Is there a special way to take care of it? Please let me know. How much will it cost to have it gets fix up? I'll be sending it soon as soon as possible. Warmest regard"


"Hi william, i recieved your package today and to say im happy with the hair is an understatement, the quality is amazing,far better than anything ive had before, im really pleased with it and cant thank you enough, as from now ill be getting everything from you, for future orders of accessories, i.e shampoo etc how do i go about that? do i order off your site or by e mail ? once again many thanks."


"Got my hair today william. Thanks a lot. Great customer service and a great product. A rare combination."


"Thanks William I really appreciate your customer service and the discrete shipping!"


"Hi William: I would like to order a spare unit with you just like your first one but about .4 inches longer in the front. I really like it. Thanks!"


"William, ..thank you so much for all your help!..after looking at at least a dozen different hair restoration sites i chose your because of two things: the look of the front hairline in your photos (you have to see my brother's to believe how evident it is, lol), and the fact that you go into depth on EVERYTHING from how to attatch the piece to how to keep it fully maintained and everything in between.. NO other site that i visited came close to yours for explaining everything so that the customer could understand everything he/she needed to do. THAT is why i first contacted you. then when you went out of your way on the phone to make sure i got exactly what he needed...i knew that you were going to receive my business... now AND in the future. i am not sure what my brother has in the way of supplies, but what he needs we will order from you alone so that you may realize the profit on it instead of someone else!!! ..if you wish to use this as a testimonial you are more than welcome to. As soon as we see how this fits and whether he needs a custom order or not, i will be ordering a second piece from you so that he will be able to switch them out instead of wearing one till it looks like it has the mange, lolol !! ..again, thank you for all your help, William, and you can believe that any others i may meet who wear a hair system will be given your web-site."


Subject: Thrilled!
"I am thrilled with my hair. When it arrived I went to my stylist and had her design a cut for me. The combination of your product and her cut are awsome! I could not be happier. I was a little hesitant about leaving the company I have used for years (J A Alternatives) as their work is top of the line and then ordering a replacement online - but the fit, the color and the quality of hair is spot on - and the price ... ridiculous! In the next week I will be ordering another replacement from you. Do I need to fill out a new order form or can you go by the information from my first order and I will send the deposit check? Thank you again for your top of the line work. I look forward to doing business with you and your company again."


"Hey, how are you! You asked me for feedback after I got the system. Perfect! Couldn't match color better. The perfect size. No wrinkles after applied. The right amount of grey. Cut very well. Great service."


"Hi William, I am very sorry I couldn’t write back to you, because I was moving my home an I didn’t have internet connection . I liked the hair unit very much. The colour and waves perfect, thank you very much. I would like to order another one, thanks for all your help."


"Just returned from short business trip. The unit feels fits and looks real good. The length and color fits well. Look forward to a long business relationship. Thanks for your patience. Much appreciated. I am wearing the system. Thanks! I have a few questions. Can I call you this evening. What is the latest I can call?"


"WOW!! William, I can't believe how natural it looks. Now I need to know how to take care of it. What do I wash it with and how often. How do I keep it nice and shinny looking like it is now? Should I use a conditioner? I'll be wanting another one just like this one in the very near future."